• Online tutoring is the online version of traditional tutoring. These are private online live classes by an instructor / tutor on a real-time basis with the help of computer.

    The tutor uses an on screen white board to write and edit which is visible to the student on the other side and vice versa. This whiteboard along with the voice of the tutor does the job seamlessly.

    At Tutor Pixie our tutors take personalized private tuitions for our students in safe environment.

  • This method has gained popularity in recent times and has been seen as quite effective as this makes quality education quite affordable and available at the comforts of the student’s home.

    The effectiveness comes from the fact that both tutor and student don’t have to travel allowing cost and time savings.

  • The key advantage of online tutoring is the convenience and affordability it provides. Few advantages are as below:

    1. Quality education: You get qualified and high quality tutors who are full time into teaching due to the effectiveness of this method.
    2. Affordable: Online tutoring is affordable due to cost advantages associated with it.
    3. Commute advantage: Neither the tutor nor the students spend time, money and energy commuting.
    4. Comfort: The students study from the comforts of their own homes.
    5. Supervision: The child studies under parent’s supervision.
    6. Flexibility: You can get the tutoring session at your convenient timings.
    7. Safety: Most important of all, the child studies in the safe home environment. Tutors are selected after thorough background vetting processes and tutoring sessions are also monitored for added safety.
    8. Personalized session: The sessions are personalized to cater to the specific students’ need.
  • In case of online tutoring, there is no need for the tutor and the student to be present in the same place unlike traditional tutoring. The tutor present in one end of the world uses an on-screen whiteboard to write and edit which is visible to the student in another part of the world.

    The student can also write back or edit on the white board making it an interactive session. This whiteboard along with the voice of the tutor does the job seamlessly and in fact in a better manner compared to traditional methods.

  • An on-screen whiteboard is a rectangular white space provided by the tutoring software/application on the screen of the computer, laptop or any other electronic gadgets where the tutors can write or edit using tools like virtual pen/pencil/ eraser etc.

    PowerPoint presentations, videos and other forms of media can also be played on the whiteboard to make the session more interesting.

    What is most effective is that the student on the other side can also do the same which makes it a highly interactive tutoring session.

  • Beyond the basic device like computer, laptop or tablet, a few basic requirements are given below:

    1. Broadband connection (faster the better)
    2. A Skype account and app (available for free to sign up and download)
    3. Adobe flash player needs to be installed (This is also available as a free download)
    4. Headphone with a microphone/mouth piece is ideal to have. A laptop/computer with receiver and a speaker can also do provided the sound quality is good. Basically, whatever the student says should be audible to the tutor and vice versa.
    5. A Pen Tablet. Initially the sessions can be managed without this as the student can type in or even a mouse can be used but once we get into more number of sessions, you may have to get one. This can be purchased from online stores. We can assist you in case you need guidance on this.
  • Currently we are focusing on 3rd grade to 12th grade and the subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Vedic Mathematics is for students of 6th grade and above.

    We would add more subjects as the requirements grow.

    If the subject you’re looking for is not mentioned above, please type in the following details to request the subject that you need:

  • Timings are decided basis the convenience post our discussion with the parents/students. Every session is for one hour and the billing also happens for this period.

    Beyond one hour, the billing would be done for every half an hour minimum. There may be 5 to 10 minutes of variations either more or less which can be accommodated.

  • If you are not familiar with online tutoring, we suggest you start with a demo session. Demo session is absolutely free. If you are familiar, you may start directly.

    Remember, we guarantee you refunds in case you are not satisfied and inform us before the 5th session commences.

    The steps to start would be as below:

    1. Register yourself using our sign-up form.
    2. We will get in touch with you on the contact details given.
      Session would be scheduled basis the time and date decided mutually.
    3. One month payment to be done before the second session (Refundable if you are not satisfied at the end of 4 sessions).
    4. Session continues until your requirements are fulfilled.
  • To provide quality tutoring at affordable pricing, we have to necessarily get tutors from certain regions which may have accent issues. However, we do our best to address this issue by providing accent neutralisation training to our tutors where required.

  • Parents would receive an email communication with the necessary details at the end of every session. A report card would be sent at the end of every month showing the progress.

    Alternatively parents can email us at contact@tutorpixie.com asking for the latest progress report and we would send it to you at the earliest. The tutor would also have a progress discussion at the end of three months with the parent.

  • No, we ensure that it’s the same tutor every time unless there is a rare situation where the student is not satisfied and wants a change of tutor.

  • We understand the concerns you may have about how well the tutoring would be and hence we start with a free demo session if you are new to us. Further, the first four sessions form a lookout period, during which you may decide not to continue with us, in which case your money would be refunded.

    We have the following convenient plans:

    Session details3rd to 8th grades9th & 10th grades11th & 12th gradesVedic MathematicsEnglish
    4 sessions a month$50 per month$60$80$80$80
    8 sessions a month$80 per month$100$120$100$100


  • The fee has to be paid one month in advance. The fee has to be paid one month in advance. You can make payment online using your credit card or internet banking.

  • Please use this form to send us your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can: