Vedic Mathematics in day to day life

Vedic Mathematics in day to day life is all about the applications of Vedic Math in our everyday living. Listed below are just a few among the several benefits of mastering Vedic mathematics.

Fastest decision making:

Learning Vedic mathematics leads to a sharp and agile mind with increased intelligence. This in turn can help make quick decisions in complex situations.

Human calculator:

Learning Vedic mathematics leads to multi fold increase in precision and speed You almost become a human calculator.

Stable careers:

There’s glad news for candidates who wish to crack competitive exams like CAT, CET, SAT, Banking exams etc. If you are good at Vedic math, you will learn the tricks behind fast calculations which is a critical factor for getting high scores in the above exams.

Exciting Social life: 

Your efficiency to remember numbers increases and with that your confidence levels also shoot up. This can help remember important vehicle numbers, bank account numbers, dates like birthdays and anniversaries which can make your social life exciting.

Food and vendor management:

Anything involving quick calculations like ingredient quantities for home party cooking, quickly negotiating with travel agent considering factors like distance, fuel, driver bata, vehicle hire charges etc. negotiating with any vendor with clear understanding of the implications like gross and net revenue.

Out of the box ideas and decisions:

Increases logical as well as creative abilities associated with the left and right side of your brain. This will make you a person who always quips with out of the box ideas and unusual logical sense while making important and quick decisions.

Sole Pre-condition:

All the above can be yours by learning simple Vedic mathematics tricks. The only precondition for mastering Vedic math is you should know the tables like the back of your palm.

Eradicates fear of math:

Candidates who have been allergic to numbers and formulae start developing great liking for maths after being introduced to this fun filled high speed Vedic math learning. Vedic math has the power to completely wipe off the fear of math in any candidate.

Instant academic improvement:

Parent will be able to see measurable improvement in academic performance of a child pursuing Vedic math learning.

Knowing Vedic mathematics means your calculation speeds are the fastest in the world. Findings confirm that Vedic maths is 1700 times faster than conventional maths.