Understand the language of math

language of math

This post is about how to interpret or understand the language of math. You must have noticed that some students seem to effortlessly excel in Maths while most others don’t or can’t. For a normal student scoring high in Math is a herculean task which may need huge efforts and hours of practice. Is it because they made the best out of their high school math tutor or online tutoring? This is no rocket science. The answer is simple. More than the role of school grade maths tutor or online tutor some students excel in Math because they understand the language of math.

As a school grade math tutor, catering to grades 3 to 12 my foremost preference is to thoroughly familiarize students with the language of math. What is this language of Math. In simple words it a collection of  English words and phrases that can be directly translated into math symbols and operations. After going through this post you will feel like you got an online math tutoring free for good! Here is how it goes

  1. Product or of means multiply
  2. percent means divide by 100
  3. ratio comparison =division
  4. difference or take away =subtraction
  5. quotient =divide
  6. increased by, more than, sum of, totalling =addition

At tutor pixie, we ensure that learning is a delightful experience for every child. Learning outcomes are measurable and results tangible for the parents to observe.

Not just with Math It’s the same with English, Vedic Maths and Science as well. Using illustrations and digital graphics as well as immersive tutoring techniques we make learning more of a game experience than a rigorous memory and retention challenge. As parents we have always wanted our children to shine in every subject including Math and science even if it demands a high degree of attention, concentration and retention power. If only someone can achieve this without having to put them to undue stress? How wonderful it can be? That’s exactly what we do at Tutor pixie through our online tutoring.

We believe in catching them young (math learning is effective if done during early ages) strengthening the children’s basics so that it can stay with the child throughout his/her school years. Be it a School grade math tutor, online math tutor or high school math tutor, familiarizing students with the math language makes learning and teaching easy as well as interesting. Here are some examples: familiarize a Grade 3-4 child as below:

  1. Multiplication and division strategies:In the place of plain numerical and symbol based problems get them to learn through word examples. Illustrations, images and arrays are also great tools to make learning easy and engaging.
  2. Fractions:Use the phrases ‘part and whole’ and ‘out of” “divided by” Using “immersive learning tools” can further

Let me show how learning the math language helps with this problem.

Solve “what percent of 364 is 56?”

Replace what= ‘w’

percent = divided by 100

of = multiply

replace ‘is’ with =

so we have

(w/100) x 364 = 56

364w/100 = 56

364w= 56x 100

W= 56 x 100/364

=5600/364 = 15.38

Ans W= 15.38

We can go on and on about using math as a language. Now you know what I meant when I said “you will feel like you got an online math tutoring free