First online tutoring – when and where

First online tutoring

The first online tutoring was a private for profit online school launched in 1989 by the University of Phoenix. Four years after phoenix’s first online tutoring ‘Criteria’, a creation by William Graziadel III was instituted. It was the first easy to use, scalable and affordable e-learning system addressing two very important aspects of e-learning even before the word e-learning was coined.

The year 1999 was the first time the term e-learning or electronic-learning was coined at an educational seminar. 

YouTube as first online tutoring

The your tube was used in 2004 by Salman Khan to record instructional videos, to help his cousins solve some problems in math. This later evolved into a non-profit Khan’s academy which was then considered the equivalent of today’s e-learning

Today, disruptive technology coupled with the advent and widespread use of fiber optics has enabled millions of school grade and college students utilise online tutoring services for after school learning,  completing assignments and homework from the comfort of their home. Time management,choice of tutors from a global repository of best’s for each subject, transparency, excellent student – parent – tutor interface for best results and record and replay facility for better results are some of the features that contributed to the steady growth of online tutoring. Online tutoring has become an anytime, anywhere, any device technology and a great blessing for school grade students.

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