Making the best of online tutoring

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Tips and tricks for making the best of online tutoring

What to look for in your online tutoring sessions to make the best of online tutoring. Thanks to the ever evolving technology, Online tutoring is steadily proving to be a convenient and effective way for students to get better at their academics and parents to have peace of mind. Needless to mention the advantage of being able to choose the best online tutor for any subject through access to worldwide online tutors coupled with engaging study materials and facility to record and replay online tutoring sessions making online tutoring the most viable off school learning solution. Imagine, having a personal science tutor, calculus tutor, Algebra tutor or even a vedic math tutor and the facility to learn from the comfort of your home or from anywhere else and on any device PC, Tablet, mobile at a convenient time. So, there can be no better way for school grade tutoring than online tutoring. Here’s a list of how to make the best of online tutoring.

  • Take the free orientation session very seriously – The free session is your chance to decide whether the teacher can suit your needs. Check if you are able to follow the language, since there might by nativity issues in the pronunciation of certain words. The gap between delivery and understanding should be nil or negligible. The focus of the tutor must be on whether you have understood and not on the display of knowledge or delivery. It is better to have a teacher who will serve your purpose than to admire someone who knows a lot more than you may need.
  • Be ready with the list of tough to understand topics- This can help save time and optimize learning outcomes for the day.
  • Replay previous topic and be thorough before the next session: Tutor becomes impressed with your learning. This helps build a better tutor student interface and pushes the tutor to go out of the way when needed to make you reach your desire.
  • Complete tasks & worksheet before next session: email the sheet for evaluation.
  • Get a tutor session plan: Nothing like getting a session plan beforehand to have a clear picture  of what is coming up and also to keep track of what is underway so that nothing is missed out.
  • Learn to ask even if it sounds absurd:Don’t hesitate to stop an online tutor in the middle of their lesson and ask a question if and when you have one. Because if you wait till the end of the lesson, it’s very likely that you will have not understood the rest of the session. Remember, that the teacher is there for the student’s convenience, and not the other way round.

Here’s hoping the above tips will help you to make the best of your online home tutoring!