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Tutor Pixie

Every parent have colourful dreams about their children and every child grows up with a dream. Parents who love their children would want to give the best of education to them as that lays the foundation to get to those dreams irrespective of whether it’s theirs or their child’s. However getting a good quality tutor is a challenge. And when you get a tutor, they may be heavy on your pocket.

At Tutor Pixie we address this challenge and we have a whole team of professionals to ensure the best of quality in not just the tutoring but also the coordination around it. We are a one-on-one live online tutoring organization catering to school grade tutoring. We have a group of high quality tutors constantly working to make their session better and better.

We understand the concern parents may have regarding the online environment kids are in and hence have put a very strong filtering process. We do thorough back ground vetting before we select the tutors. We offer home work and test preparation help to all our students as and when needed.

Our goal is to give good quality affordable tutoring solution to school grade children under a very safe environment to advance their subject knowledge and achieve better grades.

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